Tours in Tuscany


Fiesole is the first and oldest Etruscan and Roman village in the area also know as the “mother of Florence “. The first community to occupy the area in the IX century b.c. were the Villanoviani with their descendants the Etruscan. They built a fortified village that soon became one of the most powerful and impregnable of the whole Etruscan reign.

The Etruscan were then taken over by the warmongering Romans.

Our tours will start from San Francesco hill in Fiesole where you can enjoy a breathtaking view over Florence, which will also make you realise why the history of Florence steams out from this hill.

The nearby monastery is a little gem where tranquillitry and the beautifull environment are the real key players. After this we will walk on the side of the grandiose Etyruscan walls to reach the archeological site where to observe a perfectly preserved Roman theater along with its thermal bath and an Olympic size swimmiung pool, the relaxina ans cooling down areas called the ‘frigidarium, tepidarium and calidarium” and the maestà temple dedicated to Jupiter, Juno and Minerva.

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San Gimignano arises from a hill which dominates the whole Val d’Elsa which represent a strategic point chosen by the Etruscan in the III century b.c.

During the medieval time, the Via Francigena was crossing this valley where the archbishop Sigerico stopped by during his journey from Canterbury to Rome.

San Gimignano is characterised by its multitude of towers that testifies the warmongering attitude of that community at the time. However, the roughness of the stones used to build this village is softened up by the rolling and green hills that surround this little stronghold between Florence and Siena. This is the heart of the Chiantishire with its characteristic scents of grapes and wonderful wines such as the Chianti, the Brunello, the Vernaccia, and the Nobile.

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Pisa is the city that gave birth to Galileio Galilei and only here you could imagine to find a leaning tower that seems to observe the sky like a gigantic telescope made of precious marble. This is also known as the tower of the nearby Santa Maria Church, which along with the cathedral, the San Giovanni baptistery, and the monumental graveyard, give form to the spectacular Piazza dei Miracoli.

Pisa develops along the banks of the river Arno and is characterised by an impressive number of historical buildings, Churches, medieval towers, squares their street markets, and well kept gardens. While wondering around you may notice the typical sea scent along with the fragrance of the Mediterranean bushes and herbs from the nearby Nation Park of San Rossore. The park develops from Viareggio to Livorno and is characterised by uncontaminated beaches and pine groves between Calambrone and Serchio.

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