A specialised tourist guide and a personal consultant!

With La Tosconauta nothing of Tuscany’s history and beauty will be lost. Along less-trodden paths and exploring parallel routes, the past will come alive in the present through an exciting and unexpected tale.

Each visit will be a journey, an exploration and a discovery to be made together. The wonder of Florence lies not only in its extraordinary museums or its prodigious wealth of monuments, but also, and perhaps above all, in a stratification of times, places and scenarios of inexhaustible interest. It is a theatre of the world crowded with characters, stories, unparalleled feats that need a shrewd guide to resurface.

La Tosconauta has made details, ‘little stories’, minor arts and lesser-known characters the key to understanding the most famous and illustrious contexts. A history of landscape and art that introduces us to the lives of the great protagonists and the masterpieces of art, through the narrow gateway of customs, humble biographies and unusual trivia. Any climb to the heavens, after all, can only begin at the bottom. La Tosconauta is a personalised service by Rubina Tuliozi, for the tourist who seeks an original response to the need to know, to deepen, to enrich his or her experience, not only cultural but also personal. But in addition to this she wants caring and sincere assistance, meticulous and precise planning, punctuality and availability. The relationship between the traveller and his guide actually begins well before a visit, with the careful analysis of each individual need and the fine-tuning of every detail with a consultancy service that anticipates and prepares the ‘tourist’ adventure in the best possible way.